Project Management

With the application of our knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities, we help the Investors / Project Developers meet their project requirements by providing services like :

  • Feasibility Study
  • Site & Resource Assessment
  • Technology Feasibility Study for most suitable technology deployment
  • Design, Development & Optimization of Solar Power Plants
  • Site Development / EPC Help & Selection
  • Techno-Commercial Project due-diligence

EPC help & Selection :

Solar Projects that work and succeed in India needs good people and Best of the Best EPC Companies.

Execution of Solar Power Plants looking at harsh conditions & environment in India is off course not a piece of cake and is a major challenge for any Developer as well as EPC Contractor. Hence for prospective Project Developers & Investor selection of best Solar EPC Contractor in India is of the utmost importance and priority.

With our focused & in -depth industry knowledge about most of the EPC Players operational throughout India, We will help the SPP Developers evaluate and select the EPC contractor with the financial resources, experience, size, and proven capability to perform the engineering, procurement, and construction on respective projects. We ultimately push the Developers to keep their performance bar high for on-schedule, and on-budget construction through complete due-diligence of project there by ensuring that the facility would generate the desired energy throughout the lifetime of the Solar Power Plant.

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