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One of the major opportunities in India lies in providing energy access for the more than 400 Million people who don't have electricity, most of whom, are spending heavily about 25 to 30% of their family income on kerosene !

These are the poorest people on the planet. Ironically, the world's poorest can best afford the most sophisticated lighting — off-grid combinations of solar panels, power electronics, and LED lights. And this creates an opportunity for which the economics are compelling, the moral urgency profound, the development benefits enormous, and the potential leverage game changing. The cost of conventional sources — the ingredients of conventional grid power — are soaring. Meanwhile, the cost of solar panels and LEDs, the ingredients of distributed renewable power, are racing down even faster.

If we want the poor to benefit from electricity we cannot wait for the grid, and we cannot rely on fossil fuels. The International Energy Agency, historically a grid-centric, establishment voice, admits that half of those without electricity today will never be wired. The government of India estimates that two-thirds of its non-electrified households need distributed power

The poor already pay for light. They pay for kerosene and candles. And they pay a lot. Kerosene costs 25 to 30 % of a family's income — globally that amounts to $36 billion a year. The poor do not use kerosene because it is cheap, it’s a need of an hour for them. Kerosene being some of the most polluting energy sources and the majority of rural homes being poorly ventilated, use of kerosene lamps poses an increased health hazard, causing respiratory and eye problems. In addition, inhalation of the fumes affects the longevity of women involved in many of the household chores.

Realizing this, we promote the Community Solar Powered Products which can benefit the masses to the greatest extent and subsequently empowering their lives.

Note: We are not the manufacturer of the below products, our sole aim is to spread awareness and promote these Solar Products to masses and communities so that more and more people realises the immense potential and benefits of such renewable products and implement them in their day to day activities. The pictures below are for representation purpose only.

Solar Cooker

It is a concentrating type parabolic dish solar cooker. The reflecting material used for fabrication of this cooker is anodized aluminium sheet which has a reflectivity of over 75%. The tracking of the cooker is manual and thus has to be adjusted in 15 to 20 minutes during cooking time. The temperature achieved at the bottom of the vessel could be around 350 to 400o C which is sufficient for roasting, frying and boiling. The cooker having a thermal efficiency of around 40% can meet the needs of 6 to 8 people and can be used from one hour after sunrise to one hour before sunset on clear days.

The cooker can be easily dismantled and assembled by anybody and thus may be nicely packed and transported anywhere in the country. The cooker is user friendly as the place of vessel to be kept for cooking is at a level which is convenient for the people to use. The cooker could be useful for individuals in rural as well as urban areas and also for small establishments like dhabas, tea shops, etc. on road sides.

The Dish Solar Cooker is also available in various other sizes and can serve up to 40-50 people cooking need.

Solar Home Lighting Systems

The best way to provide the cleanest and the reliable power is via Solar Home Lighting Systems. Being decentralized, the solar energy systems offer a level of reliability and control that grid electricity throughout India does not.

This consists of a complete installed unit, namely a solar PV panel, a battery, Charge Controller unit, a few meters of wiring, and lighting bulbs (preferably LED’s), & DC Fan depending on configurations. The SHS is normally designed to provide enough power for three to four hours, depending on the combination of the gadgets.

The main advantages of SHS are :

  • A leap towards children's education
  • Improvement in health (as against caused by kerosene usage)
  • Saving of money (savings because of stopping to use of 5-6 litres of kerosene per month !)

Solar Lanterns

Solar Lanterns are low-cost alternative to solar home systems with inbuilt battery and lights along with the solar panels & hence very much portable and cost effective too.

Solar Lanterns are available in different configurations in market and are very useful for satisfying the basic need of source of light.

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