Solar Project Development Consultancy from concept till the commissioning of the project.

Solar Project Techno-Economic Pre-Feasibility Studies [TEFR] & Detailed Project Report [DPR] :

Any development will need to undertake a feasibility study to give you the information necessary to decide whether to proceed or not. Prefeasibility and feasibility studies are crucial phases in the development and growth of your Solar project.

We broadly carry out preparatory / pre-feasibility / DPR studies thereby enabling the Project Developers / Investors to undertake a decisive judgement for their particular investment opportunity to invest in Solar Power Generation & for those who are willing to foray into solar arena.

Generally the study will compromise solar sector investment options and priorities, initial scoping and costing of the identified investment project and designing the execution and finance structures for implementation of the Solar Power Project.

Typical outputs of these studies provide the technical, financial, environmental and social assessment of the proposed SPP.

  • As a result of the feasibility study, we will candidly suggest what prospects for Solar energy production appear worth studying further, and what the key issues need resolving for successful design and implementation.
  • We will report on whether available technologies are right for the potential project, or if emerging technologies may be better-suited, and, if so, when they are likely to become commercially available in proven form.

The Feasibility study thus builds confidence among stakeholders and potential users of a proposed project to take the Solar Project concept into the implementation stage.

Application Process & Regulatory Framework Advisory :

For the Project Developers / Investors it is very necessary to understand the overall details of the policy cycle and evaluate the regulatory policies in order to successfully Apply, Qualify & set up a Solar Power Generation facility of their own.

Major glitches faced by the Investors to set up their Solar Projects are :

  • Under what policy to set up the solar power plant ?
  • What would be the best location to set up solar power plant under specific policy?
  • Whether to set up solar power plant via Bidding / Reverse Bidding process under specific State / Central Policy Guidelines ?
  • Whether to go ahead with Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar (JNNSM) Mission OR under individual State Policies like Gujarat Solar Policy etc. ?
  • Whether to set up Solar Plant under Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) Mode ?
  • Whether to set up Captive Power generation facility ?
  • What are the various government process and agencies involved to set up solar power plants ?
  • What would be the Application / Project Allotment process ?
  • How to Apply under what Solar Policies ? & more…

Hence to guide an Investor through all the above steps, we assist the Investors / Project Developers with Govt. Liaison support there by assisting the clients to obtain required clearances and permissions from various State Nodal Agencies (SNA’s) and Central Agencies on the guidelines that would be applicable to the particular project.

We hence educate & advice the Project Developers throughout the entire Application and Project Allotment process under specific State / Central Policies.

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